With conviction and visions for the future

Since it was founded in 2011, the corporation Göteborgs Snusfabrik have steadily expanded with an annual growth of over 30%. With conviction and vision as primary qualities, innovative solutions and dedicated customer care have ensured us a solid establishment on the Swedish market of snus. We are currently positioned as market leading within our main branch, focusing on snus in environment friendly refill-packaging. The group’s turnover for 2015 was 27,3 million SEK, equivalent to approximately € 3 million. During 2016, re-investments within the plants production capacity, a number of brand enhancing efforts and the launch of a new and optimized e-commerce platform, will mark the group’s main enterprises for the forthcoming future’s next expansive phase.

A focused comprehensive concept

The branches of the organisation are made up by a number of enterprises, collectively striving to complement and fulfill the corporation's comprehensive concept. The central business idea within this concept is the organisation's exclusively closed chain of production, packaging, marketing and, through selected e-commerce platforms, conduct sales towards end consumers.

The foundations of the corporation's collective enterprises consists of the factory's production of snus, where genuine craftsmanship skills and traditional methods are combined with modern, adapted technology. Closely attached to the corporate operations are also a full time contracted marketing and creative director, exclusively working with the corporation and conducting all services in-house, as well as a director of web operations.


Swedish Snus is a very unique tobacco product.

It consists of a moist to semi-moist ground and pasteurised tobacco, and it is used by placing it behind the upper lip. The nicotine is then naturally released by saliva and absorbed by the mouths mucous membrane. It comes in two varieties, loose or in portion-packed pouches and it is made from selected, mainly air-cured and flue-cured tobaccos, water, salt and natural flavorings. As it is pre-treated in a process very close to steam-pasteurisation, the levels of TSNA's (Tobacco-Specific Nitrosamines - one of the most important groups of carcinogens in tobacco products) are considerably reduced at the same time as micro-organisms are neutralized to help keep it fresh.

As it contains a significantly much lower amount of TSNA's than most other tobacco products, recent scientific research reviews show no evidence connecting the use of Swedish Snus as a causing factor to any medical conditions usually related to conventional tobacco use, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke or diabetes, among others.

On the contrary, studies have shown that the availability of Swedish Snus has indeed had a positive impact on public health in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. Statistics even show that it is the most popular smoking cessation aid in Sweden and Norway as it is very efficient in helping people to quit smoking cigarettes. As a majority of tobacco users favors Swedish Snus over smoking cigarettes, Sweden have got the lowest rates of lung cancer incidence and mortality of any European country, according to the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and World Health Ranking statistics.

"Swedish Snus benefits public health"
Aftonbladet, Sweden, 29 September 2013:

The scientific community agrees that Swedish Snus is less harmful than other tobacco products. In an article published in the international magazine Drugs and Alcohol Today, Dr. Karl Erik Lund, chief researcher at ‘Statens Institutt for Rusmiddelforskning’ (SIRUS) in Norway, presents new observations.

- We have been studying the impact of Swedish snus in regards to public health during many years. At this point we can establish the fact that Swedish snus contributes explicit gains to the health status of the population. This also applies to Sweden, Dr. Karl Erik Lund says to Aftonbladet.

According to the scientific report, the use of Swedish snus have not resulted in double addiction, where people both smokes and uses snus. The consequences of the Anti-Snus lobby activities may prove lethal, according to Dr. Karl Erik Lund.

- The focus on a tobacco free society may stand in the way of using Swedish snus as a harm reducing means. We might not be able to state how many lives has been won thanks to Swedish snus, but in all it indicates that Swedish snus have a positive effect on public health, says Dr. Karl Erik Lund.

Swedish Snus in many ways differs from anything else in the world of tobacco. The manufacture follows strict procedures and hygienic standards, as it is regulated as a food product by the Swedish Food and Drug Administration. It should not be confused with similar but more harmful products, such as American Dipping Tobacco, which in comparison is fermented, Chewing Tobacco, Snuff, or various forms of other oral tobacco, as used in the Americas, Northern Africa and some Asian countries. The mere association of Swedish Snus to such products have already had an adverse impact on Swedish Snus, as it have led to conveniently made assumptions, despite insufficient evidence.

However, the world is opening up. The growing recognition of Swedish Snus as an alternative to conventional tobacco use have rendered a genuine interest in many countries. Swedish Snus is currently finding itself new allies and sources of influence, both in political and popular circles. Independent voices are being raised in support of Swedish Snus, in social media and international conventional press alike.

A strong indication of worldwide potential are the recent investments, joint ventures and collaborations between manufacturers of Swedish Snus and Multi-International tobacco companies, such as Philip Morris International who are currently promoting Swedish Snus for targeted International markets under their top brand names Marlboro, Chesterfield and Parliment, using their own, well established sales and distribution channels. Similar strategies are used by British American Tobacco Group and Japan Tobacco Incorporated. It is also a well known fact within the Swedish Snus industry, that market leaders are making investments with a stated aim to further target the interesting prospects of the Asian market.

The future looks bright!


In all our enterprises we maintain a focus on long-term qualitative responsibility, both in terms of environmental effects, as well as for our consumers. This policy applies to the selection of suppliers as well as to how we manage our production; Small scale and handicraft oriented, without any unnecessary additions.


Our excellent relations to our customers are largely based on the availability we offer. Support and service with a personal touch, via telephone and e-mail, as well as our interactive brand oriented presence in social media, brings our consumers closer to us. The importance of good customer care can not be overestimated as a vital step towards brand loyalty.


As a result of both our qualitative focus and the availability offered to our consumers, we proudly benefit from a tremendous customer confidence. Our very loyal consumers have always been the corporation's prime asset with regards to spreading the knowledge and recognition of our trademark brand and our products.